All presentations are now live!


Organized by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry and part of VCU Student Research Weeks, the annual VCU Virtual Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creativity is an opportunity for students to present their research endeavors and creative scholarship to their academic peers, members of the VCU faculty, community members, and friends and family.  All undergraduates from every discipline are encouraged to present completed research projects, completed papers, or research in progress. 

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry is partnering with the Student Opportunity Center (SOC) to host our annual symposium as an online event. 

Asynchronous video presentations will make up the sessions for all presentation types and disciplines now that we are in a digital format. Sessions will be organized by type of presentation and discipline. The event webpage will be available to the VCU community and members of the public. Therefore, it’s important that you talk with your faculty mentor to ensure that your video includes information that you have permission to share. They may have advice for you as you create your presentation, and they should approve your finished presentation before you upload it.

Judges and others from the campus community who want to virtually attend sessions can do so at any time during the 7-day event, and they can post comments and questions for presenters. Student presenters are encouraged to address questions and comments.

If you have questions, email us: